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A New Beginning – Making Money with Niche and Authority Sites

After a few poor attempts at making money online I pretty much gave up on this blog and sent it into the scrap heap. Recently however, I have been reinvigorated about making money online and I decided that I would focus this website more on niche and authority websites rather than every single different type of money making idea under the sun. So having said all that lets get down to business.




Let’s start at my goals as it is super important to know what you are trying to achieve and to set meaningful targets before you really get cracking. These goals are broad for now as I am not 100% sure how easy it is to achieve everything, but you have to start somewhere.

  1. Create at least 2 niche sites a month
  2. Rank on the first page of Google within 3 months (preferably 2 months)
  3. Make about $300 – $400 per month per site – Obviously I have only limited control over this aspect of my goals, but it is good to put down on paper what I am trying to achieve.


The Plan

Ultimately the plan is to make enough money for me to quit my day job and do the whole internet marketing thing full time. Before I start with the detailed steps I want to say that I don’t care about the whole white hat SEO vs black hat SEO. At this point in the game I just want to make money, if that means I do some things that break Google’s TOS then so be it – I don’t care so long as I am making money.

Steps to Success

This is the steps I will take with each of my new niche sites.

  1. Find low competition keywords to try and rank for (I’ll do a big post on this one day, but for now this will have to do)
    • I am looking primarily at local US searches that have at least 4,500 searches per month
    • Using Long Tail Pro I will be targeting sites with a keyword competition of about 30. I am happy to go up to 35 if I have to, but that shouldn’t be for a while as there are plenty of great keywords in the 20 – 30 range
    • Confirm with Market Samurai and Traffic Travis that the niche is good to enter
    • Find sub niches within the main niche to expand the site
  2. Register a domain name closely related to the target keywords
  3. Build a WordPress website around the target keyword
  4. Create a killer main page with lots of great content
  5. Outsource 8 – 10 articles to a content writer to bolster the sites credentials and make it look more like a real site. At the moment I am paying a content writer $6.25 for a $500 word article. Overall cost will be about $60
  6. Post 1 article every 7 – 8 days to the blog for the next 2 – 3 months
  7. Within 4 to 6 weeks of the blog being live I will buy links to help rank for the keywords I am targeting. I am expecting this will cost about $200-$300
  8. I will monitor the site until it hits 3 months old at which point I am hoping it will be making at least $300. If this happens then I will continue getting content written for the site (about 1 article per week) and hope to target a few more long tail keywords. If it struggles then I will reevaluate the sites future and see how much potential it has before deciding if I should can it or work on it a little bit longer.
  9. Rinse and repeat :)


Monthly Tracking

I want to track my progress on each of the sites that I build and so I will include that information on this site within my monthly reports section. I expect that within 1 year I should have close to 30 sites in my portfolio and if all goes well I should be making around $9,000 per month.


Niche Monetization

All the sites I plan on building are going to be Amazon sites as I have done the Google Adsense thing and I feel that Amazon is a better option for the types of sites that I want to build.



  • I will not be revealing any of my sites, but I will give details about each one as I select them
  • I have already built a couple of sites which I will not be including in this project. I will however include my 2 newest sites that I started within the last 2 weeks as neither of them is making money yet.
  • I am not an SEO expert and I will be learning as I am going.


Wish me luck :)




  1. Glen, I have been tinkering with niche site development this summer as well and hope to take the Fall/Winter to really launch it and plan to follow your experiences as well as build on my own. I am excited to take this journey with you.
    Edgar @ Degrees and Debt recently posted…7 Financial Tips for College FreshmenMy Profile

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