About Me

Me and RickyHello, my name is Glen and welcome to my site MakingMoneyOnline24x7.net. Seeing as you are on my about page you are probably interested in knowing a bit more about me, so here goes.

I am almost 30, I have a wife, a son and a staffy named Ricky (you can see me with him over that way –>). I successfully completed my IT degree after I finished high school and then landed a job doing basic IT support for a electrical engineering company. Since then I have been with the same company for the last 8-9 years and have changed jobs about 5 times. Currently I investigate new technologies and design IT systems to support a large network.


Why This Website?

Well, as you can probably tell if you have had a look around my site, I am interested in trying to earn an income from various online activities so that I can work from home instead of getting stuck in the rat race.

I figure that I’m not getting any younger, and while my job is pretty good, I really don’t want to end up working for the man for the rest of my life. So I have decided to dabble in a few different ways to make money online.

I will primarily be looking into making both Niche and Authority websites.



What you can expect

My plan for the site is to track almost everything that I do so that I can keep myself motivated and also so that I can show others how easy (or difficult) it is for an average person to make money from home via online activities. I have no idea if I will succeed in my endeavors, but life is too short not to try.

Just to be clear – I am not trying to make a living from passive income,  recently it seems that every man and his dog wants to be the next self made passive income expert. My personal opinion on passive income is that I do not think it is possible for the average person to achieve, unless they are VERY lucky! I know that I am not a very lucky person, and so I am looking at my own ways to make money from home so that I can stop having to go into a office building every Monday through Friday.

For most of these money making activities I will be learning as I am going. If you have any experience with any of my money making ideas and you are willing to lend me a hand, please do – I am always interested in hearing from people who know more than I do about a topic.

Anyway, I think that is probably enough about me. Please enjoy your time on my site and if you like what you see then consider subscribing via Email and following me on Social Media.

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