Buying links for Niche Site 1


As niche site 1 is now almost 1 month old I am going to buy some links to help promote it up the SERPs. I know that many people will tell me that I shouldn’t do this and that Google will find out that I am buying links, but I honestly don’t care. I have […]

Starting Niche Site 1

Niche Site1 LTP TT2.

For this first niche site (which will forever be called niche site 1 on this blog) I am trialling which of the 3 main keyword competition analyzers is the most accurate.For the first few sites I don’t mind spending a little bit of time and money learning the ropes of what works and what doesn’t. […]

A New Beginning – Making Money with Niche and Authority Sites


After a few poor attempts at making money online I pretty much gave up on this blog and sent it into the scrap heap. Recently however, I have been reinvigorated about making money online and I decided that I would focus this website more on niche and authority websites rather than every single different type […]

Niche Site Project Part 1 – Finding Niches to Target / Getting Ideas / Monetization


The hardest part of starting a Niche Site for me is getting the ideas on what to actually start a niche on. Some people seem to be able to endlessly think of different niches to start websites about, but I tend to struggle in this department. Nevertheless after a weekend of brainstorming I have come […]

New Niche Affiliate Site


This month I created a new niche site – Yay! I decided to create another niche website because my previous one is now starting to generate a little bit more income, and I really like that I don’t have to do anything on it for the money to keep rolling in. Now to be fair, […]

What is a Niche Authority Site?

There are plenty of differing views on exactly what constitutes an authority site, what constitutes a niche site and where the middle ground lies. I personally believe the middle ground is with niche authority sites. A niche authority site has most of the qualities of an authority site (like say Wikipedia), but it focuses on just one niche/topic.