Panda 4.0 Recovery Update 2 – 1 Month On

Things aren’t looking any better one month on. In fact things have become much worse. The 1 keyword I was ranking for has now slipped to the bottom of page 1 and I suspect in the coming days will go to page 2.

Panda 4 Recovery Update

NS7 Crawl Errors

It has been a little over 2 weeks since Niche Site 7 got pandarised by Google. This is an update on what I have done over the last couple of weeks and where I am today with the site.

Google Pandarised Me

NS7 - Secondary Keyword

By now everyone knows that Google Panda was released over the last couple of days. Some websites went up, some went down, and most pretty much stayed the same. With my own sites, all of them went up, but one. My most recent Niche site (Niche Site 7) got poleaxed. Now I realise that I […]

Niche Site 7 (Part 5) – Increasing my rankings and finding/getting back links

Now that I have discovered that IP addresses impact SERP’s and I have started to rank on, I can get back to my main goal of ranking number 1. Something that I have been doing a lot of lately is commenting on other blogs in the same or similar niche. This helps me to […]

Niche Site 7 (Part 4) – IP Addresses Make a BIG difference to SERPs

It has been a while since my last update, and the truth behind that is that there was nothing to report. I was adding content at least once per week to the site (it now currently has 21 individual pages), building plenty of good diverse links back to my website (both follow and no follow), […]

January 2014 Income & Niche Site Updates

NS1 January Income

I’m really late with this post as I have been super busy, but here it is. January was always going to be slower than December, but I didn’t also expect NS1 to get pushed to the 2nd page in Google. I can only assume that one of the blog networks I purchased got busted and […]