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Buying links for Niche Site 1

As niche site 1 is now almost 1 month old I am going to buy some links to help promote it up the SERPs. I know that many people will tell me that I shouldn’t do this and that Google will find out that I am buying links, but I honestly don’t care. I have seen plenty of white hat only sites get pushed out of the SERPs and even get delisted. As far as I am concerned I am more interested in making money and if buying links can achieve that for me, then so be it. Even if by some freak chance Google does deindex my site I will simply copy the content onto a new site and repeat the process. So long as I am making more money than what I outlay I am happy with the plan.


In terms of link building I will be utilizing the services of someone that has a great reputation in the industry and who doesn’t sell spammy links links like the SAPE network. I am expecting to buy around $250 worth of links (works out to be around 90 – 100 links) and I will get them drip fed over the next 30 days. As my niche competition analysis for site 1 showed only light to moderate competition, I feel that 100 links might be a little overkill, but I guess time will tell.

To date (remembering that niche site 1 is almost 1 month old now) I am ranked 108 for my primary keyword (14,000 local US searches) and 18 and 24 for 2 secondary keywords (about 2,000 local searches each). So far I only have 10 pages of content of the site, with an article a week scheduled over the next few days. I have also looked into this niche a little more heavily over the week and I have decided that I will also target a handful of other low competition / high value keywords with this site. I will be creating a single page of content for each keyword, but I will not be building any links to them directly. Most of the terms are fairly long tail (4-5 words) and I feel that I can rank for them with just onsite SEO.

Anyway, I will update my SERP progress with the link purchases as and when I see any changes.



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