January 2014 Income & Niche Site Updates

NS1 January Income

I’m really late with this post as I have been super busy, but here it is. January was always going to be slower than December, but I didn’t also expect NS1 to get pushed to the 2nd page in Google. I can only assume that one of the blog networks I purchased got busted and […]

December 2013 Income & Niche Site Updates

December Income

December was a good month for earnings, but I expect that a lot of that was to do with the traditional Christmas rush which is sure to inflate the figures. With that in mind I expect January might not continue the trend of ever increasing sales figures, but we will just have to wait to […]

November 2013 Income & Niche Site Updates

November Income

November was a pretty interesting month for me and my niche sites. I’m still not making mega bucks, but I am learning a lot about ranking in Google and which types of sales pages work the best. I am also ramping up my own private blog network and have been doing some research on my […]

October 2013 Income & Niche Site Updates

SERPs Niche 1

This update is VERY late, but it is important that I continue tracking my progress to keep me motivated. I learned a lot in October and saw some massive SERP gains by buying links. I also stopped building links to Niche Site 2 after my SAPE experience and have decided that I will wait until […]

September 2013 Income & Niche Site Updates


I made huge strides in getting a few of my niche sites off the ground this month and I think I made some fairly good progress. I am also attempting a Grey hat authority site where I am creating my own private blog network in an attempt to rank without utilizing any paid for links […]