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Niche Site 7 (Part 1) – Finding the Niche and Buying a Domain

I am going to document my progress with Niche Site 7 in detail so I can execute the same plan over and over again should it work out and rank at number 1 in Google.

Searches Per Month

You need to make sure there is enough searches per month to make it worth your while entering the niche. In this case the keyword I am wanting to target has 5,400 searches a month and also has many other secondary terms I can target including a heap of brand and product specific keywords and other long tail searches. Overall this niche has plenty of upside when it comes to people wanting information on this topic.

Keyword Searches

Niche Competition

We then need to see if there is enough room for me to squeeze into the first page of Google. For this I use Long Tail Pro, Market Samurai and Traffic Travis. I find this gives me the best overall guestimate as to if a niche is good enough to get into or not.

Longtail Pro gives this a rank of 33, which is in my ideal range. Normally I target keywords between 30 and 35. I also like seeing that the top result has only 4 backlinks passing juice.

Niche Site 7 LTP Comp

Market Samurai says to me that many of these sites are ranking on Domain authority alone and haven’t specifically targeted my keyword.

Niche Site 7 MS Comp

Finally Traffic Travis says that many of the top sites are things like toptenreviews, youtube, amazon and ebay. Normally I do not have any issues outranking these types of sites when my content is laser focused on the keyword.

Traffic Trav

Overall Thoughts Moving Forward

This looks like a pretty good niche to get into. It shouldn’t be too difficult to reach page 1, so I will register a domain and get cracking.

Domain Registration

The exact match domain is available in .net and .org, but I am going to go for a brand domain that contains a partial match for my keyword. What that means is that if my target keyword was great blue widget, the domain that I have chosen would look more like or something like that.


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