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Niche Site 7 (Part 2) – Writing Content and Selecting a Theme

Welcome to part 2 of my building Niche Site 7 commentary. If you missed part 1 please check it out here. Today I have been creating great content for the homepage of Niche Site 7 and have just settled on a theme to use.


WordPress Themes

For most of my niche sites I like to use premium themes so that Google knows that I am serious about the website. If I used some free theme that linked back to god knows where then this might send the wrong type of signal to Google and cause me issues getting ranked.

For this website I have gone with one of the Genesis themes and I have customized the header with a banner that I created in Photoshop. It isn’t anything fancy, but it does the job.



I am aiming to get at least 1500 words of quality content on my homepage and keep the number of affiliate links to a maximum of 10. I know that if you have too many links it can upset the balance and send you to the back of google really quickly.

At the moment I am thinking that I will try to write at least 1 article per week for the site and perhaps even 2 for the first couple of weeks. The goal is to tell Google that I am always producing fresh content and that the Googlebot should come back and check me out regularly.



So far the only link that I have going to my website is a link from a private link farm. The anchor text diversity is really important these days and so I am going to make sure that my target keyword (exact match) features at most 10% of the time.

I am expecting a breakdown something like this

  • Brand Name (E.G. The Widget Man) – 30%
  • URL (E.G. – 25%
  • Exact Match Keyword (E.G. Best Blue Widget) – 5% to 10%
  • Partial Match Keyword (E.G. Great Blue widget) – 5% to 10%
  • Random Text (E.G. Click Here, This, Website) – 25% to 35%

In total I want to send about 100 links to my website all of them at least PR1.

Read part 3 here


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