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Niche Site 7 (Part 4) – IP Addresses Make a BIG difference to SERPs

It has been a while since my last update, and the truth behind that is that there was nothing to report. I was adding content at least once per week to the site (it now currently has 21 individual pages), building plenty of good diverse links back to my website (both follow and no follow), but I wasn’t seeing any SERP movement.

I was starting to get a little distraught considering how much time and effort I had been putting into the site. Every day I would build highly relevant links and every day I would check my rankings and see NTH, which means “Not Top Hundred”.

Recently I was researching an article regarding the new niche, and I saw my website URL pop up in the serps. I thought – that’s interesting, why didn’t I know about this. Then I realized that it was in, not – which is my default search as I live in Australia.

So I then looked at my primary keywords on instead of, and sure enough, I was ranking on the first page for both my main keywords! Hurrah, I thought, finally I am starting to rank! However, it seems that I was wrong, for another 2 weeks after making my discovery there was ZERO movement on I was baffled as to what was going on.

Then it hit my like a tone of bricks. I was using different hosting than I normally use. This website was put on a server in Australia, with an Australian IP address. I did this because I wanted to diversify my web hosting, just in case one went down of got hacked. I moved my website back onto my normal hosting which is in a Dallas Data Centre with a USA IP address and waited.

Within 3 days my site was in the top 100 on and within a week we were in the top 15. The only change I made to the website was moving it to a USA host with a USA IP address. At the exact same time as my ranking shot up on, my ranking on dropped like a rock and are now sitting at around 30 instead of top 10.

So there you have it, your IP address and server location play a VERY big part in how you rank on the various Google platforms. I always thought the TLD extension was the key to where you ranked, however, it is apparent to me now that there is far more involved than just the TLD.


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