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Niche Site 7 (Part 5) – Increasing my rankings and finding/getting back links

Now that I have discovered that IP addresses impact SERP’s and I have started to rank on, I can get back to my main goal of ranking number 1.

Something that I have been doing a lot of lately is commenting on other blogs in the same or similar niche. This helps me to form at least some type of rapport with the site owners, so I am more likely to get a link back to my site if I ask nicely.

I started off my creating an Excel spreadsheet to identify the websites that I wanted to get links from. The first tab was relevant blogs and sites that I felt I could get a do follow link back from either by guest posting, adding my link to a links page or sidebar.

The next tab was super high authority websites (like news sites) I could comment on to get some good no follow links from and diversify my anchor text with.

The next tab was dedicated to documenting all the links and anchor text I had used. This helps me keep a good profile and remember where I posted for future use.

In the end I identified around 300 sites where I wanted to get back links. It was about 50% blogs, 50% new articles.

How did I find the sites?

Well I used to look at all my competitors and see who was linking to them. From there I harvested all the links, visited each website and saw which ones I could easily replicate, and which ones were obviously going to be out of reach.

From there I used that existing set of websites to find other back links and before I knew it there was around 200 sites where I could fairly easily get back links. The final 100 sites I found through entering my keywords into Google news and seeing which news sites allowed comments.

So now that I had my target sites, I needed to get links. Commenting is fine for no follow links, but need link juice, so I needed to find a way to get them to link back to me. I tried a varied approach with this to see what worked best.

The first thing I tried was straight out asking for links. I essentially told website owners that I was new on the scene and was trying to promote my site and if they could assist by linking back to my site. This worked about 50% of the time, with the blogs I commented on a couple of times having the best success rate.

The second thing I tried was doing a link swap. I essentially told people that I have included their link on my best links page and that I would love it if they would return the favour. This worked even better at around 75% success, although I only hit up websites I had commented on first – so the results may be a bit distorted.

If someone wasn’t interested in doing the link swap, or hadn’t gotten back to me within 2 weeks, I deleted their link from my page.


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