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Niche Site Project Part 1 – Finding Niches to Target / Getting Ideas / Monetization

The hardest part of starting a Niche Site for me is getting the ideas on what to actually start a niche on. Some people seem to be able to endlessly think of different niches to start websites about, but I tend to struggle in this department. Nevertheless after a weekend of brainstorming I have come up with 9 different ideas (most of which are semi closely related to each other).


Finding the Niche

I wanted to make sure I had a niche about a product that I could then sell on Amazon. The reason for this is that my other niche site is based around information and adsense and I want to see how easily I can generate an income from a different source.

For this I started by looking through Amazon to see the types of products they were selling. I didn’t want to target a really competitive niche like laptops / tablets / coffee machines, but I wanted something that was going to generate a little bit of money when someone bought something.

The trick I found was to see an item and to think of what category of items it fit into. As an example of my thought process (that turned out to be really competitive and not worth the amount of effort), I saw a lot of clothes for sale – obviously I don’t want to target clothes, but if you look a little deeper there were a lot of kids clothes and among those kids clothes there was lots of costumes. I did a Google keyword search on kids superhero costumes and it returned quite a few results – the problem was that there are ALOT of websites targeting this area and so it was a poor choice. Nevertheless, it was the same thought process that directed me to the current niche I am targeting.


Keyword Ranking

The niche I have selected I feel is around easy to moderate difficulty to rank for out of the keywords I researched, but I still think that with a small bit of extra effort it shouldn’t take me that much longer to rank for it. In time I expect I will create niches for all the niches I have thought of, but at the moment I will focus on just this one.

The primary targeted keyword is 3 words and it has about 15,000 exact match global queries a month. The traffic is consistent throughout the year and the CPC is just shy of $2.

Another reason I went for this niche first is that I got a very close matching domain name which hopefully serves me well as I progress this site.


Part 2 will be about Determining the Niche Competition.


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