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November 2013 Income & Niche Site Updates

November was a pretty interesting month for me and my niche sites. I’m still not making mega bucks, but I am learning a lot about ranking in Google and which types of sales pages work the best. I am also ramping up my own private blog network and have been doing some research on my next lot of niche sites that I plan on starting early in the new year.


Combined November Niche Site Income Figures

Still pocket change, but at least the earnings side of the ledger is growing month on month.

Earnings: $62.38 | Expenses: $721
Total: -$658.62

November Income

Note: I have more sites generating income than just the ones featured on this website, and I am using the income from those sites to fund the building of these new niche sites. I also expect that once I get most of these sites to page 1 in the SERPs, that my expenses should go way down.



Niche Site 1

Niche site one is an Amazon niche site and it is focusing on a very expensive product. The original idea behind this was that if I could only sell 4-5 of these a month I would end up getting around $250-$300 a month. I expected to make some sales on the product I am promoting, but so far I haven’t made any. I suspect that this particular niche site may be doomed to fail as the product might be too expensive for people to want to buy on the internet. Still, it only takes 1 or 2 sales and I will get my money back on the site.

This month was a bad month for Niche site 1 – Google slapped me and all my rankings tanked for the bulk of the month. I believe that I over optimised my keywords for the site and so I got hit with a penguin penalty. Anyway, I ended up recovering the site after about 2.5 weeks by building more brand focused links. My rankings have now mostly returned and my site is ranking at number 4 on page 1 for the main term that I am going after.

I would have thought that with my site being at number 4 I would be receiving more traffic than I am currently, as the site is only receiving around 30-40 unique visitors a day (900-1200 a month). Considering Googles keyword planner tool says that the keyword gets 14,000 searches a month, I would have to imagine that if I could rank higher then I would get a lot more traffic.

Read more about Niche Site 1:


Niche Site 1 Income & Expenses

Earnings Expenses Total Amazon Hits Amazon Sales
$28.44 $210.50 -$182.06 333 $437.79

Cumulative Income: $38.99
Cumulative Expenses: $680.25

Niche Site 1

Breakdown of Expenses:

  • Bought links for $210.50


Niche Site 1 SERP Rankings

As I said before, I got Google slapped so that is the big dip in the rankings you can see there. But with the additional links and a new focus on brand related anchor text I was able to bring it back to life.

SERPsClick image to make larger



Plans for December

Nothing at all. I will let it settle and see if the site climbs google on its own. I would like to get it ranking at #1 for my primary keyword, but I am not sure it is worth the investment to get it there.



Niche Site 2

I bought a links package at the very end of November for this site to try and rank it higher again. Interestingly I am still getting traffic to the site even though I am not in the Google 100 for pretty much any keywords. The traffic is coming mainly from Pinterest, which is cool as I am still getting some good conversions and making some money on the site.

More info on niche site 2:


Niche Site 2 Income & Expenses

Earnings Expenses Total Amazon Hits Amazon Sales
$30.54 $102 -$71.46 140 $480.51

Cumulative Income: $61.09
Cumulative Expenses: $299


Income Niche Site 2

Breakdown of Expenses:

  • Bought links for $102


Niche Site 2 SERP Rankings

Everything is down the bottom of Google at the moment.


Plans for December.

This month I will try to start ranking the site again. It was fairly simple to get to the first page last time with SAPE links, so hopefully it should be easy again this time.



Niche Site 3

This site is taking longer to rank than I thought it was going to. However I have come to realise that there is a little more competition here than I first thought, and so some of my secondary keywords look to be better initial targets for me to start trying to rank.


Niche Site 3 Income & Expenses

We made our first sales this month, so hopefully things improve next month.

Earnings Expenses Total Amazon Hits Amazon Sales
$3.40 $249 -$214 93 $52.20

Cumulative Income: $3.40
Cumulative Expenses: $575.50

Niche Site 3 Income

Breakdown of Expenses:

  • Bought 2 x link packages ($59.50 & $190)


Niche Site 3 SERP Rankings

Things started seriously moving with this site over November and many of my keywords are slowly making their way into the top 20, with a few getting close to the top 10 and page 1. The last lot of links I sent to the site (about 1 week ago) was from a blog network that is supposed to have some good link juice, so hopefully when the December report rolls around most of my keywords will be on page 1.

SERP Niche Site 3Click image to make larger


Plans for December

I will probably slow down on the link building for this site while I focus on Niche Site 2 and 4. At most I will go through some of my competitors links and see which ones I can borrow to rank my site.


Niche Site 4

With the procurement of my product all wrapped up and delivery expected in the coming 1 to 2 weeks, I really need to get cracking on building some more links to my site. So I have been busy adding backlinks through my private blog network of 15 blogs. I am trying to add 1 post a day all manually written by myself, but I am very short on time and am only managing about 1 every 2 days. I am hoping to see how this impacts my websites rankings before the end of the month. If I don’t see much SERP movement then I will buy some semi private links for $100 a month, however, if I can get to page 1 on my own with some of the more competitive terms, then I will simply continue adding more blogs to my network and keep it entirely private.


Niche Site 4 Income & Expenses (no Amazon or Adsense)

The amounts here are large as I am buying big quantities of my physical product to sell. In total I expect it to cost around $12.5K – $15K before I start seeing any real return on investment. It is a fairly big gamble, but the potential profits are gigantic and at this stage of my life I am prepared to take some largish risks if it means I might get to retire in 5 years VS 35 years.

Earnings Expenses Total
$0.00 $3,942 -$3,942



  • Deposits for construction of my physical product. There will be larger payments in December.


Niche Site 4 SERP Rankings

Because there are SO MANY long tail keywords that I am targeting with this site, I will only show you a handful of them and I will keep it to the larger ones.

Niche Site 4 SERP Click image to make larger.


Plans for December

Finish the website and start ranking my primary 3 keywords into the top 10. I also want to start getting active on social media as I feel Pinterest might play a large role in sending people to my site.


Niche Site 5 & 6

Niche site 5 & 6 haven’t been spoken about before, but I have started them and am in the content creation phase. I am a lot more confident about niche site 6 than I am niche site 5, but lets see where each road takes me. As I am working heavily on Niche site 4 at the moment I won’t go into detail on these 2 new niche sites this month as I won’t be working on them much.


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