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October 2013 Income & Niche Site Updates

This update is VERY late, but it is important that I continue tracking my progress to keep me motivated. I learned a lot in October and saw some massive SERP gains by buying links. I also stopped building links to Niche Site 2 after my SAPE experience and have decided that I will wait until December before I build anything back to that site as I want to make sure I am not going to get hit by a penalty because of those links coming and going.


Combined October Niche Site Income Figures

Like last month, there hasn’t been much in the way of earning, but it is more than the $0 that I had last month :)

Earnings: $41.10 | Expenses: $938.50
Total: -$897.40

Note: I have more sites generating income than just the ones featured on this website, and I am using the income from those sites to fund the building of these new niche sites. I also expect that once I get most of these sites to page 1 in the SERPs, that my expenses should go way down.


Niche Site 1

Niche site one is an Amazon niche site and it is focusing on a very expensive product. The original idea behind this was that if I could only sell 4-5 of these a month I would end up getting around $250-$300 a month. I expect to make some sales next month now that my rankings are increasing and I am actually starting to get people to Amazon.

Read more about Niche Site 1:


Niche Site 1 Income & Expenses

Earnings Expenses Total Amazon Hits Amazon Sales
$10.55 $68.50 -$57.95 335 $175.60



Breakdown of Expenses:

  • Bought links for $68.50


Niche Site 1 SERP Rankings

October saw this site smash into the top 10 for many of the keywords I had been targeting. Check out this graph below. Note: The grey line on the graph that goes up towards then end (around the 18th October) is for a keyword with 74,000 searches a month. I hadn’t been targeting it as I thought it was out of reach, but as it turns out it might be possible.

SERPs Niche 1

Click for larger image



Plans for November

Originally I was planning on doing almost nothing on this site through November, but it turns out I got hit with a penalty early in November and so I have been working hard to start ranking my site again. I won’t go into too much detail about it here, but next month I will definitely be talking about it.


Niche Site 2

As I discussed last month, I used SAPE links on this site and it shot straight to the top of Google within a month. Anyway, I stopped paying for the SAPE links and now my site is languishing down under 100 in the SERPs. This month I have done nothing on the site, but it did start making some good sales when it hit the top 5 on Google.

More info on niche site 2:


Niche Site 2 Income & Expenses

Earnings Expenses Total Amazon Hits Amazon Sales
$30.55 $0 $30.55 647 $509.15




Niche Site 2 SERP Rankings

Everything is down the bottom of Google at the moment. In December I will start to rank this site again.


Plans for November



Niche Site 3

With Niche site 3 I am targeting a couple of main keywords, but there are hundreds of secondary keywords which I think I can rank for and some with great search numbers.

Niche Site 3 Income & Expenses

Earnings Expenses Total Amazon Hits Amazon Sales
$0.00 $214 -$214 0 $0


Breakdown of Expenses:

  • Bought 2 x link packages ($112 & $102)


Niche Site 3 SERP Rankings

October didn’t see a lot of movement for this site, but it does get going in November. I have also started targeting a few higher search keywords as I started naturally ranking for them.

Click for larger image


Plans for November

Keep building links and get try to reach the first page of Google for some of the big money terms.


Niche Site 4

Niche site 4 is going GREAT. I have ordered all my sample products and we really like the quality and will be placing a big order of stock for us to sell. I have already managed to rank a tonne of long tail keywords and I haven’t built a single link to the site yet. I have also been actively building a social presence as I believe we will be able to convert a lot of people through social media.


Niche Site 4 Income & Expenses

Earnings Expenses Total
$0.00 $656 -$656



  • 3 x Links 2 packages for my dedicated private blog network and 1 package for the site itself ($97, $100, $15)
  • Sample products to confirm quality ($208, $136)
  • Packing and shipping gear ($100)


Niche Site 4 SERP Rankings

Because there are SO MANY long tail keywords that I am targeting with this site, I will only show you a handful of them and I will keep it to the larger ones.

SERP Niche 4

Click for larger image

It is still early days for this site and I really want to rank it properly so that I don’t fall foul of Google.


Plans for November

Order big quantities of product and get my supply chain management in order. I don’t expect to actively start promoting this site until the end of December and then hopefully selling stuff in January.



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