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Panda 4 Recovery Update

It has been a little over 2 weeks since Niche Site 7 got pandarised by Google. This is an update on what I have done over the last couple of weeks and where I am today with the site.

Interesting Findings

When my website got hit, I noticed that many of the pages I used to be ranking were now ranking the tag pages instead. Like this instead of

This lead me to believe that perhaps I was getting a duplicate content penalty from all the tag pages I had as none of them were blocked in the robots.txt. So I updated my robots.txt to remove all tag, author and category pages.

It took about a week, but eventually Google started to show the correct pages again, although for many of the keywords the wrong pages were still showing. As an example: I want to rank blue widget, however for the term blue widget, I have my page on red widget showing.

Some pages are correct, while others are obviously still having issues.


Google Webmaster Tools

I checked webmaster tools to see what the story was. You can clearly show the day panda hit.

NS7 Webmaster Panda 4

So I looked for things that might be wrong with the site. I found a number of weird URL errors that I cleared up (i’m still not sure what most of these were), and I fixed all the HTML improvements Google suggested. As of recently both are showing the my site is perfect.

NS7 Crawl Errors

NS7 Webmaster HTML Improvements


Updated Content

I went through some of my content on the site to see if any of it was “thin” or not. I found potentially 3 pages that might have caused me a problem and I updated 1 of them to see if anything would happen. I purposely selected a page that had tanked in the SERP’s and one that wasn’t ranking for any keywords.

To my surprise, a few days later it started to rank and is now sitting at position 14, before panada it was 4. Still an improvement is an improvement and it is a lot better than position 63, which is where it dropped to.



Overall none of my big money term rankings have come back. The home page that was not impacted by Panda actually had a few days where it dropped from #1 to #6, but then it came back to #1 and has stayed there ever since.

My next step is to fix the other 2 suspect pieces of content and see if they move up the SERPs like the previous one did.


Niche Site 7 Clone

Because I think pandering to Google is balls, I have made another website which I will rank in the EXACT same way, only this time I will use a different internal linking structure and less outsourced content. I’m not in the business of losing money, and $1000+ a month is money that I want back. Hopefully I can manage to bring back NS7, but if not, I will be trying my best to rank yet another site. If this new site happens to get hit by a new penalty, then I will simply hire someone to keep making sites for the same keyword, it is worth too much money to not be ranking for.


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