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Starting Niche Site 1

For this first niche site (which will forever be called niche site 1 on this blog) I am trialling which of the 3 main keyword competition analyzers is the most accurate.For the first few sites I don’t mind spending a little bit of time and money learning the ropes of what works and what doesn’t. After all, if I am going to try and do this full time, I need to do some experimentation.

About Niche Site 1

For this niche I am mainly testing Long Tail Platinum’s Keyword Competitiveness feature, as I haven’t used it before so it could be interesting…

  • Local Search Volume – 14,000 (Using Googles new Keyword Tool) – Which is terrible by the way
  • Local Search Volume – 6,500 (Using Googles old Keyword Tool)
  • The product I am looking to sell retails for about $1,000 so I think I might struggle to make online sales, but it is worth a try considering the massive payout if someone does buy it.
  • Registered 06-08-2013


Niche Pros and Cons


  • There are almost no links pointing to any of the domains in the top 10. Hopefully with a few good backlinks I should be able to out rank them.
  • Most of the pages have 0-3 page rank.
  • 4 of the sites have less than 100 Index Count which means the sites are thin on content.
  • The Citation Flow and Trust Flow of most of the domains is very low (no red in Market Samurai)
  • Quite a few of the pages have no page authority, which means they are ranking solely on keywords or domain authority.
  • There is only 1 root domain in the top 10


  • This particular niche has at least 3 major retailers ranking on the first page, which is something I normally don’t like going for.
  • All sites in the top 10 have a Domain Age of over 4 and most are 10+.
  • 4 of the 10 sites have my keyword in their Title, URL, Description and Header.


Long Tail Platinum

According the Long Tail Platinum (LTP) this keyword should be easy as to rank for. It is only has a keyword competitiveness of 24. According to Spencer (the person who make LTP) anything less than 30 is normally fairly simple to rank for. Note: I only recently started using LTP due to all the great reviews, so this really is a test of how accurate it is over my normal 2 tools.

Niche Site1 LTP KC

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Market Samurai

Normally when it comes to competition analysis Market Samurai (MS) is my go to tool. I find the Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) to be excellent indicators of how relevant a site is. Obviously the more things that are green the better your chances for ranking, while yellow is indifferent and red is bad.

The majority of this is green, but there is still quite a lot of red in there. Note: I pay almost no attention to the Back Links to Domain (BLD) field as I find it means almost nothing when ranking. Back Links to Page (BLP) is far more relevant.

Niche Site1 LTP MS

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Traffic Travis

If I am going to be honest I am not really all that big of a fan of Traffic Travis (TT), but it can never hurt to get as much information as possible before you jump right into something. According to TT this niche is a Medium Dificulty, which isn’t something I want to see. I normally only like things that are Easy or Relatively Easy. Still, LTP said it should be easy to rank for so I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

Niche Site1 LTP TT1

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Niche Site1 LTP TT2.

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