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Starting Niche Site 2

Niche site 2 is probably one of the most uncompetitive niches that I have found for a while and hopefully I should be able to rank REALLY easily. I also want to test the waters with this niche as I can see it potentially turning into a proper business (think non affiliate) in its own right – provided I can get enough people to the site and buying my product.


About Niche Site 2

Obviously it is still too early to tell if Long Tail Pro is doing its thing for Niche site 1, but by all indications it is accurate so I see no reason not to continue using it. This niche has the following stats:

  • Local Search Volume – 27,000 (Using Googles new Keyword Planner Tool)
  • Local Search Volume – 8,000 (Using Googles old Keyword Tool)
  • The product I am looking to sell is commonly selling for around $50 to $150, so hopefully sales should be more frequent than niche site 1.
  • Registered 18-08-2014


Niche Pros and Cons


  • The site ranking for number 1 has no anchor text for my keyword.
  • All pages are <= 3 for page rank
  • Many of the sites have very little content on them and do not look to be updated regularly.
  • The Citation Flow and Trust Flow of most of the domains is very low (no red in Market Samurai)
  • Quite a few of the pages have no page authority, which means they are ranking solely on keywords or domain authority.
  • There are no root domains in the top10 and there is even a Facebook page.


  • This particular niche has Amazon on the first page.


Long Tail Platinum

According the Long Tail Platinum (LTP) this keyword should be easy as to rank for. It is only has a keyword competitiveness of 21. According to Spencer (the person who make LTP) anything less than 30 is normally fairly simple to rank for. Note: I only recently started using LTP due to all the great reviews.

Niche Site2 LTP


Market Samurai

Normally when it comes to competition analysis Market Samurai (MS) is my go to tool. I find the Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) to be excellent indicators of how relevant a site is. Obviously the more things that are green the better your chances for ranking, while yellow is indifferent and red is bad.

The majority of this is green, but there is still quite a lot of red in there. Note: I pay almost no attention to the Back Links to Domain (BLD) field as I find it means almost nothing when ranking. Back Links to Page (BLP) is far more relevant.

Niche Site2 MS


Traffic Travis

If I am going to be honest I am not really all that big of a fan of Traffic Travis (TT), but it can never hurt to get as much information as possible before you jump right into something. According to TT this niche is Relatively Easy (it was EASY when I first bought my domain).

Niche Site2 TT1

Niche Site2 TT2


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