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Starting Niche Site 3

Niche site 3 is another Amazon site and I have actually decided to target a few different keywords with this site. Originally I had a plan of attack, but after doing some more in depth keyword research I have decided that these other new keywords might be more worth my time. If it takes off then I will expand my horizons and target all the keywords as there are plenty available in this niche.


About Niche Site 3

This niche has the following keyword stats:

  • Keyword 1 Local Search Volume – 5,400
  • Keyword 2 Local Search Volume – 3,600
  • Keyword 3 Local Search Volume – 2,400
  • The product I am looking to sell is commonly selling for around $100 to $300, so hopefully sales should be reasonable.


Niche Pros and Cons


  • Amazon is being outranked by other niche sites and in fact for one of the terms a 3 month old niche site is ranking number 1 with only a handful of backlinks.
  • most pages are <= 3 for page rank
  • Many of the sites have very little content on them and do not look to be updated regularly.
  • Almost all of the sites ranking have less than 10 links going to their pages.
  • The Citation Flow and Trust Flow of most of the domains is very low (no red in Market Samurai)
  • Quite a few of the pages have no page authority, which means they are ranking solely on keywords or domain authority.
  • Only niche site root domains in the top 10.


  • This particular niche has Amazon on the first page.
  • I don’t have an exact match domain.


Long Tail Platinum

I will have 3 screen captures here for the various keywords I am targeting.

Keyword 1

Niche Site 3 LTP KW1

Keyword 2

Niche Site 3 LTP KW2

Keyword 3

Niche Site 3 LTP KW3


Market Samurai

Normally when it comes to competition analysis Market Samurai (MS) is my go to tool. I find the Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) to be excellent indicators of how relevant a site is. Obviously the more things that are green the better your chances for ranking, while yellow is indifferent and red is bad.

The majority of this is green, but there is still quite a lot of red in there. Note: I pay almost no attention to the Back Links to Domain (BLD) field as I find it means almost nothing when ranking. Back Links to Page (BLP) is far more relevant.

Keyword 1

Niche Site 3 MS KW1

Keyword 2

The site in position 1 is a niche site with a close to exact match domain. YouTube is in position 3 and 4 and Amazon is in position 5 and 6.

Niche Site 3 MS KW2

Keyword 3

The site in number 9 is an exact match domain. Site 1 is YouTube and Site 3 is Amazon.

Niche Site 3 MS KW3


Traffic Travis

If I am going to be honest I am not really all that big of a fan of Traffic Travis (TT), but it can never hurt to get as much information as possible before you jump right into something. According to TT this niche is Relatively Easy (it was EASY when I first bought my domain).

Niche Site 3 TT

Keyword 1

Niche Site 3 TT KW1

Keyword 2

Niche Site 3 TT KW2

Keyword 3

Niche Site 3 TT KW3



I have paid a little over $110 for content in September for this site, and just yesterday I bought $120 worth of links. Let’s see how we go.


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