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Starting Niche/Authority Site 4 – Selling Physical Products Online

Niche site 4 is a proper online store which my wife and I will be selling physical products from. This is the first time I have attempted something like this and it is very different from doing your typical  Adsense or Amazon affiliate website.

The first main difference is that we need to procure product to sell, as well as trying to rank in Google. Plus this time I am trying to rank for some buying keywords which are notoriously more difficult to rank for than general informational terms.

With this site we are going to be buying around $3,000-$4,000 worth of physical products to sell, and I will be using my own private blog network to help rank the site in search engines. In total I have purchased around 10 expired domains. All of them are SUPER relevant to this niche, but they are on the low side for PageRank (average is 1) and Domain Authority (average is 20). These sites will be added to my existing private blog network of 5 other high PR domains (4 x PR4 and 1 x PR3).


Once I see how my private blog network ranks for a few of the keywords, I will supplement my link building efforts with a couple of purchased link building packages and social sharing packages if required.


Serp Ranking and Tactics

With all my previous sites I have gone after big keywords of around $5,000 searches per month (or more). In this instance the main keywords are HUGE with one being over 100,000 and another at 30,000. Interestingly these keywords aren’t the ones I will be directly targeting when we kick off. I will be targeting the really small long tail keywords that have between 100 and 1,000 searches per month.

I am also going to actively start promoting this site on Pinterest when we finally get our hands on the physical product. The reason for this is that we are targeting women and I know Pinterest is very popular with females. I also know that click through rates and conversions are really high through Pinterest and I feel this could be a great way to get extra exposure to the website. The main way I will utilise Pinterest is by running giveaways each month where the winner will receive a free product from our store.

Note: This is a long term website, so I am going to be taking it slow and steady and will continue to work on it for at least 6 – 12 months to see how I am progressing.


About the Product

Obviously I am not going to give too much away as I don’t want any additional competition, but here is the low down:

  1. Product is sourced from China
  2. Profit on the product is around $80 – $130 per item (some shops online make even more than that)
  3. Drop shipping is difficult at this stage and so we will be running this from our home


About Niche Site 4 Keywords

This niche has quite a few keywords that I want to rank for, but the first 20 I will target are:

  • Keyword 1 Local Search Volume – 130,000
  • Keyword 2 Local Search Volume – 30,000
  • Keyword 3 Local Search Volume – 3,600
  • Keyword 4 Local Search Volume – 720
  • Keyword 5 Local Search Volume – 720
  • Keyword 6 Local Search Volume – 590
  • Keyword 7 Local Search Volume – 590
  • Keyword 8 Local Search Volume – 590
  • Keyword 9 Local Search Volume – 480
  • Keyword 10 Local Search Volume – 390
  • Keyword 11 Local Search Volume – 390
  • Keyword 12 Local Search Volume – 320
  • Keyword 13 Local Search Volume – 320
  • Keyword 14 Local Search Volume – 320
  • Keyword 15 Local Search Volume – 320
  • Keyword 16 Local Search Volume – 140
  • Keyword 17 Local Search Volume – 140
  • Keyword 18 Local Search Volume – 140
  • Keyword 19 Local Search Volume – 140

Total searches approx: 170,000 – Obviously I won’t rank number 1 for all of these terms and so I don’t expect to get that many people hitting my site. I do however, want to aim to get around 5-10 sales per month in the first few months and within a year make my way up to 100. If we go well and I can reinvest some of the profits into more link building, then I see no reason why I couldn’t try to start ranking for the big keywords and potentially start to make 300-1000 sales per month *dreaming at the moment*.


Niche Pros and Cons


  • Most of the long tail keywords look really easy to rank for
  • Good profit margin per item
  • Potential for multiple sites to be spun off this one to target very similar latent semantic keywords
  • Could ramp up to sell on Amazon and Ebay


  • Well established sites ranking for the bigger terms
  • High entry cost
  • Not passive
  • Competing against companies that make millions in profit every year
  • Could end up with a lot of unsold stock if things don’t go well


Long Tail Platinum & Market Samurai

As I have so many keywords I will only show tiny images of each screen capture here.

Keyword 1
Keyword 2
Keyword 3
Keyword 4
Keyword 5
Keyword 6
Keyword 7
Keyword 8
Keyword 9
Keyword 10
Keyword 11
Keyword 12
Keyword 13
Keyword 14
Keyword 15
Keyword 16
Keyword 17
Keyword 18
Keyword 19

I didn’t do Traffic Travis screenshots as this has already taken me AGES…



This site has been live for just under a month and already some terms are ranking without me building a single link to them.

My EMD with 240 searches per month


Keyword 5


Keyword 16


Keyword 17





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